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every girl rants about this one

remember this?

im not FAT.i just haven't grown into my body yet.YOU SKINNY BITCH! - cartman, southpark

oh yeaaaaah~ that's what's been making me so frustrated this afternoon.as if that quote is true.ugh.let's get right down to business shall we?
I AM GETTING FAT HOOOMGZ.no, that's not right.actually, my face is getting HUMONGOUS!!!!!!!! it's really weird.just last month it was in it's right shape, a little round but still oval.and now, it's just really ROUUUUUUUUUUND like a siopao/baozi/steamed bun(lol, whatever).i looked at the pictures when i just had pneumonia(where i lost a looooooooooot of weight), i looked frail though.XDDD and now im comparing it to my summer gained weight and im all "T______________________________T i'm pppppphhhaaaaaaat".

if i dont get back to shape before classes start by june, i think i need to get bigger school uniforms.ACK.better lose weight fast.

my summer vacation isn't finished yet

starting tomorrow until the end of the week, i'll be going to ifugao.shoot, then go down to quezon, and shoot again.
ISN'T THIS EXCITING?! well, i'm excited!XDD it'll be my first time to go to these places,plus my very first job.wahahahaha!!both locations are 8-10 hours away from where i am, so we'll probably do most of our rest/sleeping time while on the road.my boss/professor also appointed me the job of documenting everything in pictures which of course is also an addiction of mine.so it's not a 'work' for me.basically, my job is to follow her around, observe,take notes on what needs to be done as she tells them,then post-shoot i'll be doing half of her work in time coding and other technicalities.you know, the stuff.lol.

i'm really looking forward to this experience.i'm hoping i can learn a lot from this.

and you guys know what this means,
i'll be gone for a while!bye!!! :)

for those who remember


we'll be starting the shoot on the 21st to some far far far far away place.whoa.my first ever job!XD

i need new icons

thank you to those who wished me goodluck for the interview earlier today! :) it turned out better than i expected.XD i hope i get the job!!!!

i got a haircut today.yeah i know, i broke my vow of never cutting it till my braces get taken off.but man, who can stand THIS heat with that hair of mine before?! seriously, i've never grown my hair up to my waist because im too damn impatient.


okay, back to the hair talk.to make the long story short, the hairstylist didn't follow my instructions and cut my hair like suri's.now i only need a bottle of milk, get wrapped up in a blanket, not wear shoes and get carried around by my mother all the time to be ultimately the grown up suri.

let's try this

sugar and spice 4 by ~mikimikidesu on deviantART

ladies and gents, i have a new deviantart account for my shoots.just had one earlier today.next week i'm scheduled to do three shoots.YAY!i feel so happy doing this.XDDD anyways, i'm still experimenting so i may not be the best photographer.XD but for now, i hope you'll like the first that i've done. :)

of aging and singing

HI!<---oh man, that's awkward.XD

just when i was starting to love being 18, i'll be turning 19 by next month.19 19 19 19, i don't really like that number.not like 17, i LOOOOVED being 17.it kinda exudes this colorful feeling of youth.XD and 18 is like mmm, so womanly but still young.19 is like, i don't know, XD the last teen bday i'll ever have in my entire life. kinda sad but for the first time i'm actually thrilled to be older.i don't really know why though.

yesterday, [i think] i just became a vocalist of a friend's band.LOL.he was bugging me for days to sing to him so he can hear my singing voice.so yesterday i sang to him and there, he told me i'll be the new vocalist of his band.i was like 'are you serious?!' coz i totally was thinking that he was just joking around when he was bugging me to sing for him.and he was like 'i'll text you when we'll have our practices.if things go well then we'll go on with doing gigs'. i mean seriously, i still can't absorb it.i'm just, i don't know, surprised?kinda reminded me of Tokyo Friends where Ai Otsuka became a vocalist in just a snap.
so okay, my electric fan woke me up at 6 am by suddenly EXPLODING.errr, not really the BOMB like explotion, but the parts where everywhere!and i was lying there on my bed, half awake, not moving at all and just trying to tell myself 'i hope it doesn't get me' while seeing the rotating thing fly all over the room.

damn it, all i could say after that was 'now i can't get back to sleep.ugh' while my mom who woke up because of the noise rushed to the room to see what happened.she had this shocked-drugged look, idk, she had just woken up too and was too sleepy to react.

what a great news to wake up to!XD

Police in Kinshasa, Congo, have arrested 13 suspected "sorcerers" of using black magic to steal or shrink men's penises, after a wave of panic arose and attempted lynchings which were triggered by the witchcraft.

my secret dream

i dont change my layout so it's only a change in banner again.im too lazy to find a new layout.

i can't believe im admitting this but ever since i was a little bitch girl, i would constantly say to myself that 'i want to be a microphone' whenever i watch tv and there's a hot boy/man[yeaaaaaaahhhh i loved the hot men 5,7,10 years older than me even back then] who's singing or just speaking with a microphone.i mean c'mon, they were like kissing the microphone and gaaaaaaaaaah that just made me insanely jealous of the microphone.

AND NOW, there's David Cook who clutches the microphone like he's embracing his lover(V. Horiuchi of Utah Newspaper). GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH, damnit.so there, whenever i will see my new banner, i'll remember my dream of being reincarnated as a microphone.EPIC.

b_gatan b_gatan b_gatan


lately, whenever i stay away from my computer and just SIT anywhere, like the sofa or the floor...i easily fall asleep.no matter what time it is.

my friend told me that it's 'a sign of aging' >.< *kicks friend*

anyways, i finished Lucky Star.and i'm so sad.i miss konata.

now, isnt this a short post? :3

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