this is not a comeback

wow. b_gatan is alive? of course. the person behind b_gatan is, but not b_gatan, she is now history. so i was bored at work and decided to read my old blog posts here, and omg, the young me back in 2007/2008 was so crazy. so crazy that i kind of miss her. she was so obsessed with hot japanese men and sang songs that she didn't understand, but she was having fun! i love it.

well, i graduated college last March. got a job in a publishing company last May. i'm a writer for IT magazines now. i'm also married now. and is now a mommy! --- LOL OK, THE LAST TWO WERE JOKES.

i really don't know what to say. i just realized that i made a lot of friends here in LJ, best times of my life if you ask me. even though i only knew you guys coz of fandoms, you were really fun to talk to, crazy fun! i'd love to hear about what you've been up to lately.  so it's been 2-3 years huh? my, how time flies. :)

anyway, if you guys want to do some catching up with me, i'm active in 

have a great day everyone! (oh wow, i sound so mature now.LOL.) 


there's no place like LJ

i finally come to this point, yes.i won't be using this anymore.no more fake 'i'm back' posts.

for those few years that i stayed here, i found a family.i found good friends that i will never ever forget. Learned new things, and shared what i knew.This is where my love for the arts started. This place witnessed my joys, my pains, and my growing as an adult.

With all that's been said, i want to thank everyone for showing me a part of the world that is full of happiness, kindness, and generosity.

I may not have been close with all of you, but you are all equally appreciated.

I may not be the same retarded, psychotic, hyper kid you knew before; but i'm still me. I just don't have the time to be that laid back anymore.

I am going to miss b_gatan.

That's life. We have to move on.

BUT. i'm not really leaving LJ completely. I made a new one. But it's not for fandom anymore. It'll be a place for me to keep track of my life. A diary of some sort.but not like the pre-teen diary with the 'today i saw my crush and he smiled at me' stuff.My blogspot won't allow me to lock my posts so i decided to create another LJ.(but i'm still using my blogspot)

If you guys are interested and still want to keep in touch with me, add me at bipolarinstinct 

Goodbye and THANK YOU!!!!!


it's that time of the year

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Last night, my childish older sister was playing with the microphone and asking everyone in the house what their resolutions are for the coming year. My dad gave us, his kids, advices instead of saying his resolutions.My mom went into her sentimental dramatic mode and talked about her wishes for the new year. Then my sister approached me and my brother. My brother was all 'i don't want to make any because they don't come true'. When it was my turn, i pushed the mic away.Not only because she was pissing me off (she was singing with the mic for everyone in the neighborhood to hear, and my goodness was that embarassing.she's not much of a singer) but also because i totally didn't have any idea on what i'd say!

Every year i do that list in my previous blog. But i notice that year after year, they don't really change.Maybe because if we put it into simpler words, they all are about me wanting to be a better person.

So for a change i'd do a list that's more specific, like this:

1. Go on a date. 2008 was a no-date year for me.Seriously.My friends were telling me to move on and try other guys, stop thinking that all of them are jerks.

2. Paint. Ever since i could remember, i've loved anything that has to do with art.But when i started college i stopped drawing. I always get envious of fine arts students in my school when i see them painting stuff.My goal is to fill up my room with canvases by the end of the year.

3. Take my vitamins. I don't take my vitamins that's why i'm always sick.

4. Minimize yelling at my brother. I'm qick-tempered so most of the time when i'm angry, i take it all out on my brother.

5. EAT BREAKFAST! I'm always waking up late for school so i forget to eat breakfast 99% of the time.

6. Plant sunflowers in my mom's garden. I love sunflowers.

7. Learn to cook adobo. All i know is to fry and boil!HAHA!

8. Go to Megamall. It was the biggest mall in the country. People are actually SHOCKED when they find out that i haven't gone there even once.

9. Party on my 20th bday. I don't celebrate my birthdays. I didn't even have a party on my debut!

10. Vlog. It's time to use that YT account.

you see! Ii'm using my lj again!HAHA!

i just got back from the doctor.for some medical reasons, i need to stay locked up inside the house for five days.HAHA.i love being a couch potato. ♥ (actually it's because i'm a vampire, i'll burn if i get hit by the sunlight)

The best thing for me to do is finish my holiday homeworks (which sucks btw) annnnndddddd DVD MARATHON!!!YIPEE! i'll try to get my dad to buy me DVD's of House and Chuck.AND try to watch Bleach or Naruto since a lot of my friends have been bugging me to watch those, this is the perfect time to do so.

Wow, thinking about it, i think i'll need to be superman to do all these things!HAHA.
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where is my fairy godmother when i need her?

i need money.lots of it.

if only one day i can walk outside in the streets and just find 15,000 pesos there, lying on the ground.i'll be the happiest kid alive.XD

but of course, that's too impossible to happen.money is hard to earn these days.i can't even get to find a part time job to earn extra income!!T^T or am i just too picky?whatever, i need money.

Goodbye, lover

i really need new icons huh?XD

SUMMER IS OVER FOR ME.T__________________T
and because of that, change of header!

'Goodbye,lover' doesn't literally mean a human being.

Lover can be:
-summer heat
-staying up late at night
-idle afternoons
-out of town trips
-movie/drama marathons
-being lazy
-sleeping all day
-eating all day
-and all those stuff you do during summer

we say hello to..........

RAINY DAYYYYYYYYYYSSSSSS and killer school, once again.

a wrinkle in time

as promised, here's a report(in pictures) of what happened with my trip last week in Ifugao and Mulanay.i won't be going into the details since im STILL too tired to think right now.HAHA.i just want to let you guys see what amazing things i saw. :)

Collapse )

did you notice that i didn't have any pictures? HAHA.i could only take pictures of my feet and my shadows.XDDDDDDDD at least this will be proof that i was there.

if only i could show you guys everything and tell you EVERYTHING.HAHA.my god, that would take forever.XDDDD anyways, if you guys have time/money(XD), do visit these wonderful places.i promise you, you'll have the time of your life.i'd love to go back there for vacation and not for work too.XD