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it's that time of the year

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Last night, my childish older sister was playing with the microphone and asking everyone in the house what their resolutions are for the coming year. My dad gave us, his kids, advices instead of saying his resolutions.My mom went into her sentimental dramatic mode and talked about her wishes for the new year. Then my sister approached me and my brother. My brother was all 'i don't want to make any because they don't come true'. When it was my turn, i pushed the mic away.Not only because she was pissing me off (she was singing with the mic for everyone in the neighborhood to hear, and my goodness was that embarassing.she's not much of a singer) but also because i totally didn't have any idea on what i'd say!

Every year i do that list in my previous blog. But i notice that year after year, they don't really change.Maybe because if we put it into simpler words, they all are about me wanting to be a better person.

So for a change i'd do a list that's more specific, like this:

1. Go on a date. 2008 was a no-date year for me.Seriously.My friends were telling me to move on and try other guys, stop thinking that all of them are jerks.

2. Paint. Ever since i could remember, i've loved anything that has to do with art.But when i started college i stopped drawing. I always get envious of fine arts students in my school when i see them painting stuff.My goal is to fill up my room with canvases by the end of the year.

3. Take my vitamins. I don't take my vitamins that's why i'm always sick.

4. Minimize yelling at my brother. I'm qick-tempered so most of the time when i'm angry, i take it all out on my brother.

5. EAT BREAKFAST! I'm always waking up late for school so i forget to eat breakfast 99% of the time.

6. Plant sunflowers in my mom's garden. I love sunflowers.

7. Learn to cook adobo. All i know is to fry and boil!HAHA!

8. Go to Megamall. It was the biggest mall in the country. People are actually SHOCKED when they find out that i haven't gone there even once.

9. Party on my 20th bday. I don't celebrate my birthdays. I didn't even have a party on my debut!

10. Vlog. It's time to use that YT account.

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